International Convention on Insolvency Resolution and Valuation

CA. Durgesh Kumar Kabra

Vice Chairman, I & VSB, ICAI

It is with an honour and great pleasure, I extend a sincere invite to all the esteemed professionals and prospective participants to the second edition of the International Convention on Insolvency and Valuation, “RESOLVE-2024- Enabling Resolution, Maximising Value, scheduled on 12 th – 13 th July 2024 at Bharat Mandapam, ITPO, New Delhi

As Vice Chairman of the Insolvency & Valuation Standards Board (I & VSB) of the ICAI, we recognize the shared challenges posed by insolvency and valuations in the world of business. From unforeseen circumstances to market fluctuations, the impacts of insolvency extend far and wide, affecting companies of all sizes and ages.

RESOLVE-2024 seeks to serve as a unique opportunity for us to come together and address these challenges collaboratively. Through insightful discussions and shared experiences, we aim to deepen our understanding of insolvency resolution, valuation mechanism and develop strategies that resonate globally. Our goal is to ensure that resolution processes are equitable, efficient, and maximize value for all stakeholders involved. The convention aims to be a platform for exploring innovative practices to rethinking legal frameworks, marked with comprehensive and forward-thinking discussions.

In the spirit of collaboration, I encourage each one of you to come and actively engage, share your perspectives, and learn from one another. Together, we can build a more resilient global economy where businesses can thrive, and insolvencies can be managed effectively.

I am confident that the insights and outcomes from “RESOLVE-2024” will contribute significantly to the ongoing dialogue on insolvency resolution, valuation mechanism and its implications for global economic well-being.

I eagerly await your participation and the stimulating discussions that will ensue at “RESOLVE-2024”.