International Convention on Insolvency Resolution and Valuation


Managing Partner, Skyz Revival & Restructuring LLP

CA Sunit Shah is an experienced Chartered Accountant and Insolvency Professional with over 18 years from Corporate Insolvency resolution and forensic and information audits all the way to restructuring Corporate Debt & Capital structures, Income tax and financial account and even functioning as an official investment advisory for institutes. He functioned as a Resolution professional and liquidator for multiple corporates under the insolvency and bankruptcy code, 2016. He conducted several seminars on the Insolvency Bankruptcy code, 2016 across multiple cities in India. He has core practice areas revolving around Tax consultancies, corporate audits, insolvency resolution, forensic and bank audits. He has successfully delivered multiple online lectures under Valuation of Securities and Financial Assets at Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA).