International Convention on Insolvency Resolution and Valuation


Chief Executive Officer, Association of ARCs in India

Shri Hari Hara Mishra has worked in various ARCs in executive and director level roles. At present, he is a member of an IBA working group on ARCs. Shri Hari Hara Mishra has been writing regularly and quoted extensively in areas of distressed debt, insolvency and finance. Shri Hari Hara Mishra was Readers’ Choice winner of- The World’s next great investing columnist contest – a global three-layer competition held by Wall Street Journal’s web portal, Market watch in 2013. Shri Hari Hara Mishra is a regular participant in panel discussions by various industry bodies. Shri Hari Hara Mishra was associated with drafting of the report of Key Advisory Group (KAG) on ARC sector in the year 2011 appointed by Ministry of Finance. Shri Hari Hara Mishra was member of an Indian Banks Association (IBA) Group on NPA sale process and standardisation of Assignment Agreement and was part of Centre for Advanced Research and Learning (CAFRAL) Group on discussion paper on Distressed Assets.